Handymen are responsible for a wide variety of general maintenance tasks

Handymen are responsible for a wide variety of general maintenance tasks in residential and commercial settings. They may work as part of a team, such as with electricians, plumbers and building systems engineers or they may be self-employed, operating a small business. If they are employed by a service company, they will usually report into an asset or facilities manager.

You can start this career without post-secondary education, though completing an apprenticeship in a property maintenance trade will improve your employment prospects and give you the skills to progress Handyman Geraldton into management roles. You can also undertake short courses in DIY techniques like electrical repairs and plumbing to add to your skill set.

Some of the duties that a handyman is likely to be asked to carry out include:

Furniture Repairs

Local handymen often have the tools to fix simple broken items, such as tables and chairs, or to make small adjustments, such as moving furniture around. They can also help with the installation of light fixtures, switches and plugs. They can also help with plumbing issues, such as unclogging drains and repairing taps, at a fraction of the cost of a licensed plumber.

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