George Scorsis Florida – A Well-Informed Leader in the Medical Marijuana Industry

As an industry veteran, George Scorsis Florida is a well-informed leader in the medical marijuana industry. In addition to his role as CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., he has worked with a number of businesses in this highly regulated industry. While focusing on safety as a top priority, Scorsis is also committed to providing excellent customer service. His company, which opened 3 dispensaries in Florida, offers free delivery and has invested in its clients and consumers.

George Scorsis Florida

Liberty Health Sciences purchased Chestnut Hill Tree Farm and a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license near Alachua in 2017, and the company has been generating millions of dollars in revenue every quarter. After allegations of sexual assault, Scorsis resigned as CEO on Feb. 22, citing the sexual assault charges against him. The company plans to open a dispensary in Gainesville in the near future, and Scorsis’s former employees plan to replace him.

Aside from being a CEO, Scorsis has served as the chairman of a research study firm called Scythian Biosciences Corp., which is dedicated to advancing the treatment efforts for terrible brain injuries. The company is known for its proprietary cannabinoid-based combination drug, and has also undertaken other cannabis-related activities in the U.S. and Canada. If you are looking for an entrepreneur in the legal marijuana industry, look no further than George Scorsis.

With over 15 years of experience leading businesses in highly regulated industries, George Scorsis has extensive experience in a number of different fields, including medical cannabis, energy drinks, and alcohol. While he was CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, he expanded the company’s cannabis platforms across the United States and Canada. He was also the President of Red Bull Canada, where he worked with HealthCanada on energy drink classification. He also developed a corporate distribution model that works in volatile markets.

George Scorsis has extensive experience managing businesses. In the past, he served as the president of Red Bull Canada. During this time, he helped Red Bull Canada become a $150MM enterprise. He also worked with the government on caffeinated beverage class rules. As an entrepreneur, Scorsis has the knowledge and experience to guide businesses. He has an incredible wealth of experience. If you are looking for an experienced businessman, consider hiring him!

Despite his vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he remains a true pioneer in the medical marijuana industry. He has been involved in more than two dozen companies, including Mettrum Wellness Corp. and WeedMD. He has been a leader in both medical and recreational marijuana industries. As an entrepreneur, he believes that everyone should focus on their mental and spiritual health. Often, life is too busy for us to take care of our minds and souls.

George Scorsis is the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences. During his time at Red Bull, he restructured the company and grew it to $150 million in revenue. His dedication to his work and his company’s success is the reason why his name is a household name in the medical marijuana industry. The founders of Liberty Health Sciences were a visionary and a hard working businessman. With his background, George was able to build Mettrum Wellness Corp.

While working for Liberty Health, George Scorsis was instrumental in helping the company become an industry leader. In fact, the company he founded has a $130 million valuation. The company is committed to developing innovative medical marijuana products that are safe for people to use. While George has been a renowned businessman in his own right, he is also dedicated to helping those in need. The founders of the Mettrum Wellness Corp. were able to successfully develop a breakthrough medical marijuana product that will help patients with seizures.

The founder of Mettrum Wellness Corp., George Scorsis is an entrepreneur who has worked in the highly regulated health industry for 15 years. He also founded WeedMD, a company aimed at reducing the risk of marijuana-related illnesses. The company was named after him because he is dedicated to his work. He has a history of bringing innovative ideas to the medical cannabis industry.