Can I put fake grass on top of real grass?

Artificial turf is a versatile option for landscaping your lawn. It’s sturdy, low upkeep and also looks excellent. It can likewise minimize your water usage and also help keep your lawn healthy and balanced. However, lots of property owners are unaware of the prices associated with this kind of installation. In this post, we’ll clarify several of the typical operational costs and also provide you a much better concept of how much your project is likely to cost.

Relying on the dimension of your lawn artificial turf installation, the amount of labor entailed as well as the products used, you might need to pay more than you think for a synthetic grass installation. Some business add hidden costs without informing you, such as distribution charges and set up charges. Various other costs consist of excavation, base layer materials and labor for laying the turf. Some firms also bill for removing any existing plants, which can add up rapidly.

Prior to laying the synthetic grass, your installer needs to mount a layer of crushed rock or class-2 roadway base over the planet. This is necessary due to the fact that the artificial turf only has a slim top layer and also a strong base is critical to the longevity of the installation. The base material need to be compressed with a barrel roller or slide compactor to create a level surface. A one-inch layer of sand or decomposed granite is additionally recommended for a smooth padding for the lawn.

It is feasible to lay the grass directly on top of the ground, but this will certainly look like a jumble of irregular lawns. A pro will set up a four-inch layer of the gravel or roadway base product and after that a layer of sand to make sure an uniform surface.

Next, the grass is laid and cut to fit the area. To do this, the pro must work around trees, flower beds and various other obstacles. If the location is rounded or distinctly shaped, the lawn requires to be very carefully formed to the contours of the landscape, which can increase the rate of the installation.

As soon as the turf is installed, a group will certainly do any essential seaming techniques to make the final product look seamless. This will usually include gluing, embroidery or using tacks as well as nails. Once the seams are finished, the group will certainly move the whole location as well as apply an infill layer of sand or rubber to the lawn according to the producer’s specs. If the turf will be made use of by family pets, an infill layer of Zeolite is often recommended, which gets rid of smells and also controls ammonia breakdown.

Although that grass makes it challenging for weeds to expand, they in some cases locate their method with gaps in the seams and also water drainage openings in the hole-punched backing. If a weed issue develops, it is generally best to eliminate the affected locations and also install brand-new grass to prevent additional troubles. Therefore, a specialist is typically advised.