Advice From an Expert – Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services

Adam and Annies Cleaning Services Kentucky

Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services are located in Lexington, Kentucky. It has been operating since 1974. They cater to both residential and commercial clients. They offer both carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. They also offer specialized services such as dog grooming and pet shampooing.

The company was started by two guys who saw the need for a cleaner in the neighborhood. They realized that many homes in the neighborhood were dirty and had no clue about doing a proper carpet cleaning. When they cleaned the first couple of houses, customers kept coming in. It soon became a full time job. They are now known as the best carpet cleaners in the world.

The employees are all trained and certified. They have the latest cleaning equipment. The company offers competitive prices. The company has green products that are biodegradable. These products will not harm the environment. They are made from ingredients that are plant based and organic.

You will find that the Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky offer various carpet cleaning services. They can clean your rugs and hardwood floors. They will also clean your upholstery.

You should let them clean you carpets on a regular basis. They should be able to detect any pet stains on your carpet. They should be able to remove these stains quickly. The company should also provide services for ironing and shampooing. If there is dirt or mud on your carpet, they should be able to remove it.

You may want to use the services of the Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky on a daily basis. This will keep your carpet free from dust and allergens. You can also buy your carpet and place it in this company’s showroom. They have a lot of furniture that is made from recycled materials. The company offers their customers special deals.

The carpet cleaners from Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky offer their customers a free estimate prior to having the carpet cleansed. This will help you save some money on having the carpet cleaned by a professional. The companies also offer other services such as cleaning furniture and chrome tiles. They can clean out ovens and sinks.

The customer service of the Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky is also very good. The employees are friendly and efficient. The company also has a 24 hour emergency number for emergencies. They will respond to calls in a timely manner. You will not hesitate to recommend this company to your friends and family if they need carpet cleansed in Kentucky.

When you call the company, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member named Annie who will take your concerns about your carpet seriously. You can ask anything regarding your carpet services. They will also provide you with brochures and details about the different services they offer.

Some of the services included in their services are floor to ceiling cleaning. They also deep clean tile and vinyl floors. Their professionals also shampoo and clean windows. Their services include shampooing, steam cleaning, vacuuming and spot cleaning. The professionals also provide hard water removal. They also provide wax treatments for all your appliances.

The Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky offer affordable prices. They offer competitive prices for all types of carpets. They also give reasonable estimates. This helps you save money when you compare their rates with others. If you have allergies, pets, or if you are going for a new home, this is the company for you. You can trust them with your carpets.

You can trust this company because they are bonded and insured. They have a long list of happy customers. They are dedicated to their work. The staff is always on their feet. They are reliable and trustworthy.

The Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services Kentucky do more than just clean carpets. They are committed to maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding area as well. They also provide pest control. Their technicians are trained to handle all types of situations. When you choose this company, you will surely have the best carpet cleaning service around.